Opere in mostra:

Marina Abramovic, Aaa-aaa with Ulay, 1978 - 2008

Marina Abramovic, Rest energy with Ulay, 1980

Marina Abramovic, THE KITCHEN V Carrying Milk, 2009

Vanessa Beecroft, VB62.003.VB, 2008

Gino De Dominicis, Senza titolo, 1991

Alfredo Jaar, Spheres of Influence, 1990

William Kentridge, Drawing for the film What Will Come (has already come) (Iris), 2007

William Kentridge, Carte de France Divisée (Shower man) Porter Series (France divisée en ses 32 provinces ), 2007

William Kentridge, Untitled IV (Horse with raised leg), 2007

William Kentridge, Aegyptus Inferior (Patriarcathus Hierosolomytanus), 2007-2008

Marzia Migliora, In love we trust (1), 2009

Marzia Migliora, Forever Overhead, 2010

Thomas Ruff, mdpn33, 2003

Tobias Zielony, Palm Trees, 2007